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Flat door lock box

Flat door lock box

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It is mainly used in the environment of room door, office and other non entry doors. It can also be used with the intelligent access control system with box and intelligent door lock

It has both mechanical door lock function and intelligent lock function, which is convenient and safe.

The lock core adopts many anti-theft technologies, various special-shaped anti pull warheads, and prevents the technology from opening. It has high safety performance of high anti-technical opening in combination with the unique spring and blade structure design. The lock tank is equipped with precise number and special-shaped bullet structure. When the technology is opened, the number and special-shaped warhead will be automatically locked when they must be pulled simultaneously, so that the technology can be turned back without any function. The lock core adopts multiple combinations of various shaped marbles, which can compile up to billions of key numbers, thus realizing zero opening of the area (one in 16 million). The lock cylinder increases the side inner pressure side column pin device, which greatly improves the ability to prevent violent strong torsion.

The lock core is the main part of the lock opening, and it is the heart of the lock, which means the core part which can rotate and drive the lock bolt movement with the key.


A: the key is flat or crescent type, and one row of concave keyslot or cross type keyslot is provided on one or both sides;

Class B: the key is flat or crescent type, and there are two rows of concave keyslots or cylindrical multi-point concave keyholes on one or both sides;

Super grade B: the key is flat type, with two rows of concave and S-shaped key slots on one side or two sides, or inner and outer snake type key slots.




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