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Difference between square shaft handle and fork handle and warranty period of door and window hardware accessories

2020-11-20 09:49:09

Difference between square shaft handle and fork handle

Both of them are multi-point lock linkage handles, which are obviously different in appearance. Their transmission shafts are U-shaped fork and square shaft respectively. In addition to the differences in appearance, there are also these differences between them. Let's learn about them

1. Differences in use scenarios

From the perspective of product structure and mechanics, in terms of transmission force, in general (especially when the transmission wheelbase is long), the scheme of square shaft handle + transmission lock box is better than that of fork handle + transmission rod, which well explains why the combination of square shaft handle and transmission lock box is often used in the exterior casement window with heat insulation profile structure. In addition to this point, the fork length of the fork handle generally can not exceed 50 mm, so it is often the partner of the square shaft handle and the transmission lock box on the swing door, which is mainly because the square shaft handle matches the double-sided opening requirements of the swing door.

2. Economic practicability

In the use scenario, the scheme of square shaft handle with transmission box is slightly better, but the configuration combination of fork handle and transmission rod has a greater advantage in price.

The configuration scheme of fork handle + transmission rod casement window includes accessories: fork handle * 1, transmission rod * 1, lock seat * 2 and sliding support * 2

The configuration scheme of square shaft handle + drive lock box casement includes accessories: square shaft handle * 1, drive lock box * 1, aluminum drive rod * 2, lock seat * 2, sliding support * 2

Obviously, compared with the former, the second scheme has an extra lock box, so the price is 10-20 yuan.

3. Meet specific needs

The ability to adapt to a particular environment is also one of the differences between the two. For example, we often use a product: screen integrated window. Because of its structural characteristics, the gap between the two open fans should not be too large. At this time, a special handle that meets the requirements, a flat hidden handle, is needed. Only the square shaft handle can meet this requirement. This is the difference between the square shaft handle and the fork handle in meeting the specific needs.

Conclusion: To sum up, the square shaft handle has a wider range of use, better adaptability and stable transmission function; The fork handle has better cost performance and simple structure. Understand their differences and characteristics, we can better match the purchase.


Warranty period of door and window hardware accessories

1、 There is no relevant quality assurance standard for door and window hardware accessories

Because of the implantation of many businesses, shoppers have this consumption habit, and always measure the quality price of a product by the warranty period.

In the door and window hardware industry, the relevant quality inspection departments have not explicitly stipulated the quality assurance period standard, which reflects the concept of quality assurance from one side is not very important. Many businesses on the market will say that their products can be guaranteed for 10 years, in fact, they are manufacturing and selling points, and have no practical effect. There is a possibility of malicious commitment and publicity.

2、 Quality inspection standard of door and window hardware accessories

Although there is no warranty period standard, there are still quality inspection and a series of data indicators related to the products.

The hardware products of doors and windows belong to the physical structure products, and there will be physical losses in the process of use. Almost all hardware products are based on the use times and stress conditions, the products can operate normally and will not appear obvious damage. For example: ground spring: after 400000 times of operation, the product can operate normally is a national qualified quality inspection product. So under normal use, this kind of product may not be in trouble for several years or even more years.

Manufacturer of square shaft

Guangdong Tianbian construction hardware products Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, is located in Jinli Town, Gaoyao City, Guangdong Province, the hometown of hardware. It is a large-scale enterprise in the domestic construction hardware industry, and also one of the large-scale hardware manufacturers of doors, windows and curtain walls in China; It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of hardware accessories for doors, windows and curtain walls of China National Architecture Corporation. After 30 years of hard work, innovation and precipitation, we have stepped on the development road of the leading enterprise of construction hardware manufacturing. From Foshan Tianbian aluminum alloy door and window accessories die casting factory to Guangdong Tianbian construction hardware products Co., Ltd., from channel circulation products "crescent lock king" to engineering supporting perfect system hardware product service, from unknown small factory to large-scale modern production base. Mr. Liu Baoqiang, chairman of the board of directors, led the new and old Tianbian people. After five times of large-scale technological innovation and enterprise upgrading, Tianbian hardware has become a representative in the innovation and development of the industry and a domestic brand.

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