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How much is the flat door and how much is the balcony door

2020-11-20 09:49:09

Wholesale of flat door lock box

The price of flat door is about hundreds of yuan per square meter, the cheaper one is 1200 yuan, and the expensive one is 12000 yuan. The price of open door is affected by many aspects, such as brand, category, specification, market, etc. The key is to learn how to choose. The hardware used for different opening and closing methods is different, common ones are flat door opening hardware, push and pull door hardware, folding door hardware, etc. The open door is a very common open and closed form, widely used in various places. Because the hinge side hardware form is similar, so from the door locking aspect discusses the use of the hardware for the flat door( 1) Common door lock type. The common lock lock has several advantages and disadvantages: 1. Single point lock, single point lock, single point lock, and the other features are: handle drives oblique tongue, key drives square tongue; In normal state, only the oblique tongue plays a locking role. Turn the key to extend the square tongue to prevent theft. The advantages of single point door lock are simple structure and convenient use; The disadvantages are obvious, because of single point locking, the sealing performance is not good, and the door leaf deformation cannot be prevented. 2. The common multi lock point door lock can be divided into two types according to the structure: linkage door lock and door driver. The linkage lock body part is similar to the single point door lock. It adds sliding bars at both ends of the lock body, and then connects the sliding bar with the connecting rod with the lock point. The door buckle plate and lock seat are installed on the mating frame, so as to achieve the effect of multi-point locking. The door driver can be divided into simple door driver and lock door driver. Simple door driver is used for indoor door without anti-theft requirements (or for occasions requiring single-sided anti-theft, that is, only one side is equipped with a handle, and lock door driver is to add a lock box with lock cylinder on the basis of simple door driver. Turning key can fix sliding bar to achieve anti-theft function. The end of the slide bar of the actuator is made into rack form, and the number of lock points can be further increased and its sealing performance can be enhanced by matching with the corresponding steering angle and connecting rod; If used with the diagonal rod, the function of flat opening and lowering suspension can be realized. Compared with single point lock, the advantages of multi lock point door lock are obvious: multi-point locking has good sealing performance, and can also make the force of door frame and fan break even, so as to effectively prevent the deformation of door leaf. 3. With lock hook door lock, with lock hook lock, on the basis of multiple lock point door lock, one or more lock points are made into the form of locking hook, which greatly enhances the anti-theft performance on the basis of multi-point locking( 2) The door lock device is selected. Different places have different requirements for the performance of the door. The appropriate door lock device shall be selected according to the actual situation. At present, the state vigorously advocates building energy conservation. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee adopted the proposal of formulating the 11th five year plan, and the goal is to reduce energy consumption. At present, relevant departments are promoting the integration of energy saving standard system into national policies, in order to improve the implementation efficiency of building energy saving standards and implement the spirit of "11th Five Year Plan" for the development of energy-saving buildings( 1) Generally, the opening and closing frequency of indoor doors is high, but the sealing performance is not high, so single point door lock with convenient operation can be selected( 2) The multi lock point door lock with good sealing performance shall be selected as far as possible for the door connected with the outside (such as balcony door, hotel or office hall door) to improve the energy saving effect of the building( 3) Some occasions with high anti-theft requirements can choose the door lock with locking hook.


Is the side door a balcony door?

Specific to see the balcony belongs to the form of Bai, open-air (including semi closed) balcony Du, closed balcony. The open balcony uses the flat door, and the closed balcony uses the Dao sliding door.

1. The advantages of open balcony with flat door

Due to the factors of wind, rain, dust and noise, the balcony door must have a good airtight sound insulation function, and the flat door fully meets this requirement. No matter the broken bridge or plastic steel material, there is a ring of sealant at the edge of the door leaf. Some profiles or higher price in the door around also have a ring of rubber, sealing effect is better. As the double-layer insulating glass is used, the sound insulation effect is also very good. They can effectively block the invasion of wind, rain, dust and noise. So flat open fan is the choice of open balcony door.

2 closed balcony sliding door benefits

Due to the closed balcony window block, some of the adverse factors of nature is difficult to affect the inside. The sliding door has the function of separating space and decoration. The sliding door is different from the flat door, it has many kinds of profiles and different materials, styles, decors to choose from. It not only has the partition function of separating space, but also has excellent decorative effect, and it doesn't need extra opening space like the flat door. Therefore, closed balcony with sliding door is a wise choice.

Matters needing attention in selecting sliding door

1. Swing door

In the selection of the side door, the sealing effect is the most important.

Plastic steel prices are relatively low, but anti-aging and airtight effects are slightly less. Conditions allow to choose broken bridge, price is the real price of more than 400 per square meter, low price is also stronger than plastic steel.

When choosing different prices, the fixed installation of dead glass is similar. The key lies in the door leaf and door. In addition to the profile thickness difference, the more layers of sealant, the better the sealing effect. Due to the problems of air permeability of insulating glass and abnormal aging of sealant, when choosing processing units, we should try our best to use good reputation and strong strength, so as to prevent the phenomenon of empty people or not answering the phone.

2. Sliding door

When choosing the sliding door, the profile material and the load mode of the door leaf (up sliding and down sliding) should be emphasized.

Now people generally choose titanium magnesium aluminum alloy sliding door, which is low-carbon environmental protection, strength is better than aluminum magnesium alloy. Especially in the selection of narrow side, the door leaf height is more than 2 meters, the strength of the profile is particularly important.

As the weight of the glass door is large, try to choose the sliding form. Relatively speaking, the pulley is a vulnerable part, and the price of replacing the upper pulley is much higher than that of the lower pulley.

Flat door lock box wholesale manufacturers

Guangdong Tianbian construction hardware products Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, is located in Jinli Town, Gaoyao City, Guangdong Province, the hometown of hardware. It is a large-scale enterprise in the domestic construction hardware industry, and also one of the large-scale hardware manufacturers of doors, windows and curtain walls in China; It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of hardware accessories for doors, windows and curtain walls of China National Architecture Corporation. After 30 years of hard work, innovation and precipitation, we have stepped on the development road of the leading enterprise of construction hardware manufacturing. From Foshan Tianbian aluminum alloy door and window accessories die casting factory to Guangdong Tianbian construction hardware products Co., Ltd., from channel circulation products "crescent lock king" to engineering supporting perfect system hardware product service, from unknown small factory to large-scale modern production base. Mr. Liu Baoqiang, chairman of the board of directors, led the new and old Tianbian people. After five times of large-scale technological innovation and enterprise upgrading, Tianbian hardware has become a representative in the innovation and development of the industry and a domestic brand.

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