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Whats the cutting formula and characteristics of aluminum alloy side hung door

2020-11-20 09:49:09

The wholesale of side gusset plate for side hung door introduces the blanking formula of aluminum alloy side hung door

The cutting size of aluminum alloy side door is calculated by Bai cutting formula, and the side seal is Du = H = (2 pieces), one piece on the left and one piece on the right. Pay attention to whether the profile is or not, and the left and right side seals should be distinguished. Up slide = down slide = w-edge sealing groove depth * 2 = (1 piece each). By this time, all around the frame has been calculated.

Blanking is not only a process, but also a key process in the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Blanking is the material in the processing plant workers use equipment cutting, material length is based on the design requirements and reference to the door and window construction hole to determine the optimization, requires accurate cutting.

Generally, the cutting of sliding doors and windows adopts right angle cutting; The cutting material of casement is 45 ° Angle cutting; For other types, the cutting method should be selected according to the assembly method.


What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy door with gusset plate and when to use it?

In addition to full glass, the glass of aluminum alloy doors also has half buckle or full buckle aluminum plate. Some owners still like buckle aluminum doors. What are the characteristics of this kind of aluminum doors and which occasions are suitable?

1、 The gusset aluminum door increases the visual area matched with indoor wooden furniture and wooden door

Aluminum doors are more waterproof and durable than wooden doors. Some owners who like wooden furniture hope that the interior style is fuller and more durable, so they use half button or full button toilet flush door or half button balcony door to make the house look antique.

2、 Block the line of sight to the ground

Some family kitchen or balcony floor is not very beautiful, next to the trash can and other debris, more, half button sliding door can block the line of sight.

3、 Reduces light from outside to inside

Individual balcony by the sun direct time is longer, can consider to install half buckle sliding door to reduce the amount of sunlight into the living room. The full buckle side hung door replaces the wooden side hung door to a certain extent, because in addition to the appearance of the gusset plate like wood, it can also completely block the line of sight, which is suitable for the use of toilet and study. Some owners like to reduce the light to increase the sense of leisure and quiet.

Of course, metal transmits sound better than wood, so the sound insulation effect is not as good as wood doors.

4、 The surface treatment of gusset plate is mainly based on wood grain, because the gusset plate area is large, and the metal color gusset plate is easy to reflect light.

Flat door side gusset plate wholesale manufacturers

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