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Hook lock

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1. The model, specification and performance of the selected door and window accessories shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standards, and the selected aluminum alloy doors and windows shall match.

2. Double pulleys or rolling pulleys should be set for sliding windows over 1m in width or doors and windows with double glazing.

3. The sliding hinge should be made of stainless steel.

4. When installing hardware with fastening screws, the metal liner must be set inside, and the thickness should be at least twice of the fastening pitch. It shall not be fastened on aluminum alloy profiles, nor shall it use non-metallic lining.

5. The door and window accessories shall be installed at last, and the door and window locks and handles shall be assembled after the window and door leaves enter the frame, so as to ensure the correct position and flexible switch.

6. After the installation of door and window accessories, attention should be paid to maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion. During the long-term use, it should be opened and closed gently to prevent hard opening and hard closing, causing losses.



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