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Design optimization of new door and window handle

1) Split design

The traditional handle installation mode is optimized. The base is installed on the door and window first, and then the handle is installed on site, which saves the transportation space of the door and window, and better protects the handle.

2) Streamline design

The door and window handle adopts streamline appearance design, and the handle design conforms to human engineering, so it makes the hand feel more comfortable. The top is made of metal decorative cover, which is more durable than the plastic decorative cover of traditional handle. Surface treatment can be done by oxidation, electroplating, spraying and other processes. The color can be the same as the handle to achieve zero color difference. The unique corner design of the base highlights the grade of the product.

3) Design of the floor avoiding the air

When installing, when the screws are fastened on the profile, the protruding phenomenon of the profile will appear after the force is exerted. Therefore, the back of the bottom cover has a design to avoid air, which can effectively prevent the handle from loosening.

4) Internal double hook structure design

The double hook structure inside the handle can achieve the overall stress of the handle and make the product more firm. The door and window handle bottom plate is made of high-end building raw materials, thickened zinc alloy, and the three price zinc plating is adopted, which has stronger corrosion resistance.



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