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Single point handle manufacturer: the difference between multi-point lock handle and single point lock handle should be understood

2020-11-20 09:49:09

What is the difference between multi-point lock handle system and single point lock handle system? The multi-point lock handle system mainly cooperates with the transmission rod and lock seat to lock, while the single point lock handle system is an independent whole to realize its own locking. Multi point lock handle system is safer than single point lock handle system, but the cost is high. Multi point lock handle is mainly used in aluminum alloy casement doors and windows. If there is no hidden danger, single point lock handle can be used. Single point lock is mainly used in interior doors and windows.

Precautions for installation of multipoint lock:

1. The corresponding locking device is provided with a buckle box and a buckle plate

2. Put the lock body into the dug hole, make sure that the panel is flush with the door, and install two self tapping screws

3. Install the screw rod and sleeve on the outer handle plate

4. Align the square core sleeve outer handle panel

5. Insert the release core into the square hole of the lock body, and the exposed length is equal on both sides

6. Align the handle panel in the square core sleeve. 7. Do not install the screws too tightly.


Single point manager manufacturer

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